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New! Fall/Winter 17/18 Collection - Part One

Hello Everybody!

I hope your are having an excellent Christmas season so far. Here at HoD I'm starting something of an advent myself (albeit a little off calander). Today I am launching the first products from our latest Fall/Winter collection.  This has been in the pipeline for sometime as one of the big things driving the rebranding of HoD is that I really wanted to create a vintage shop that is highly curated. I personally love capsule wardrobes and like to see things as a whole collection where everything can be mixed and matched. With our F/W 17/18 looks we really tried to think about where the clothes would be worn and tried to show you the potential of these great vintage pieces...

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Winter Events!

This Christmas we will be taking our pop up store to a few Christmas markets so if you're in the Leipzig area why not come and see us? This weekend we will be at one of my favourite local markets, Feinkost.  This is a great little market on Leipzig's trendy Karl-Liebknecht-Straße and it's has a particularly good reputation for local fashion, great vibes and opportunities to pick up real bargains. I love bringing my vintage stall here and always get a great reception so I'm dead excited for the Christmas market this year. This will also be the first time we'll be setting up our stall with the help of our new camper van with lovingly named, Big Bertha. As you can see, we should be pretty easy to spot!

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Why I've left Etsy, Asos, etc... About E-Commerce.

When it comes to this subject it's hard to know where to begin. In my work and collaborations I have made many attempts at getting my head around e-commerce, some successful some, not.  When you're just starting out it's intimidating, figuring out the right platform, creating attractive products, deciphering SEO, shipping, policies. It's all a bit much. But if you manage to get through all that and actually find some customers it becomes thrilling, hugely vindicating and maddeningly addictive.

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Dear Loyal Followers.....

Thank you so much for hanging around! It's kind of crazy that's it's been at least 18 months since I've visibly promoted anything for my original brain child and to be honest, when I first started as a freelancer oh... 5 years ago now I really had no idea what I was doing. So after some time off and a chance to play around and experiment with new ideas. I've gone back to the drawing board and tried to get back to what I really like doing and getting really good at it.

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